1,000 Gifts (901 – 925)

901. The time difference meant that Aad and Rob were available night and day to help with extra Customs documentation

902. Didier and Jérôme at Bolloré and how they advocated for mercy ships

903. A last meal alone before the ship arrives

904. Ghurka escort to and from the bank

905. Eliphaz’s willingness to translate and help at any moment during the craziness of Friday

906. Krissy going out to buy pizza for us all on Ships arrival Eve

907. Safe arrival of Nick Cash and his servant’s heart to bless our team (and the gift of Reese’s peanut butter cups!!!)

908. Cross cultural communication lessons

909. The ship actually arrived! It’s really, really here!


910. An hour with Dianna Cash and her thoughtfulness to bless me.

911. Scott hugs

912. Lisa and I are back… Watch out AFM!


913. Last minute answers to prayers

914. Immigrations finished processing all 315 crew with five minutes to spare

915. Lisa’s thoughtfulness in making my bed up and helping me unpack

916. Team Jonesy hug sandwich

917. This awesome welcome home 🙂


918. A successful arrival ceremony and a President who truly caught the vision and mission of Mercy Ships

Photo credit : Amy Jones
Photo credit : Amy Jones

919. Catrice did a great job re organizing the back room

920. Dinner by the lemurs with Scott

921. Successful handovers to Transportation, Finance, Supply Manager and IS.

922. Deck 8 sunsets are back in my life


823. A long overdue proper chat with Katie Stull

824. Down comforters and my own bed

825. A friends offer to do my last load of laundry so I could go to bed at a normal hour

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