1,000 Gifts (926-950)

926. Ghurka hug from Hit

927. First wave of arrivals was a success and we remembered to put food on the bus the second time


928. Thai food and wifi

929. Skype with the advance team and Philip’s tour around the ship

930. That between the two of them Lisa and Scott keep me incredibly balanced

931. A long overdue chat with Roguy!

932. Three nights of my own bed

933. Was able to introduce the Purser to all the right contacts in Tana before she had to go back to the ship

934. Flying up to Tana instead of driving and staying a few nights at my beloved Jacaranda hotel

935. So many familiar faces returning and that Immigrations officers know me now

936. That even while stuck in hours of traffic there are interesting things to see


937. Kathy Long’s willingness to move to Tana and the blessing she is and will be to new crew arriving

938. Erica’s humble and servant heart that consistently puts others before herself

939. That we found the mini bus keys!

940. And then we found the best pizza in Madagascar!


941. Iced coffee and a chocolate sprinkle donut for breakfast!

942. Finding and hiring the perfect day crew for the Tana Team

943. And getting to work with Ny Sanda a few more days

944. John’s patience with the bank and realizing my frustrations were all very valid

945. Susan’s shared vision of what the ship shop could be

946. Not feeling guilty about going to bed at 19:00 and sleeping for 13 hours

947. A sweet email from a Benin contact, just to see how everything is going

948. Meeting the Gateway team and hearing a few of their stories

949. Reminders of my gateway’s field service and how we bonded through prayer and a lot of Bang!

950. The smell of rain and a stunning sunset


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