1,000 Gifts (951-975)

951. Dinner with Ans and LuWanna

952. A plane ticket to Tamatave and returning home for more than two days


953. Finally getting a meeting with Impôt and the VAT exoneration

954. Katie’s perfectly timed message

955. An anonymous donor who made me cry a little

956. Hotel Colbert Bakery


957. A chat with Anna Simmons

958. A papa Stefan talk

959. That darkness cannot hold us captive forever and that the light of Truth breaks bonds

960. Lisa and I are back to friendly pranks

961. Spoons… a lot of spoons

962. The laptops finally made it back up to Tana

963. Driving around town on my own and having a few minutes to think and process alone

964. Everything is officially handover and now its just admin

965. Cinnamon hazelnut Americanos

966. Dianna Cash … Just so very thankful for this sweet and dear friend

967. Vanilla Oreos and chats with Lisa

968. Seeing the Day Crew on board in their jobs, hearing how well they are doing and knowing that Hanna and her HR team truly did an amazing job finding the right people

969. Scott talks and pepper popcorn

970. This gem that just makes me laugh every time I see it:


971. Packages finally getting to me after months and months

972. A good chat with the one and only Sarah Paris

973. Reconnecting with beautiful friends

974. Tough conversations that bring about healing and growth

975. That even when I’m overwhelmed or feel weak there is One who keeps my head above the water

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  1. Have the blankets made it yet? The ladies in the park keep asking…Love all I read and know it is a life changing job. Love you and miss seeing you. Grandma

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