1,000 Gifts (976-1000)

976. 13 surgeries in the first two days and one really amazing Hospital Director

977. One month until I move into a long hoped for three berth!

978. A 15 minute coffee chat with the one and only Dianna Cash (even if the coffee was terrible!) and that she just understands my frustration with a particular situation

979. My office in the cafe lends itself to some pretty great conversations

980. Madagascar operations report finished… Benin operations report finished… Leaving Benin report finished.


981. And the BD cold shipment arrived perfectly chilled


982. A brief but needed chat with Roguy

983. Chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter

984. Waffle day

985. 17:00 on Friday afternoon


986. A four day holiday booked off the coast of somewhere beautiful

987. Coconuts on the beach with good company

988. Seeing these words of Truth daily for the last six months


989. The first weekend in a long time with no expectations… just lots of rest

990. The blom girls dancing during worship

991. That it is just fine to fall apart … It’s actually a little healthy

992. Finally getting my glow in the dark jimmy Fallon t shirt from Wendy


993. Tea and shared wisdom and challenge with Andrea

994. Men who open car doors

995. A fixed bathroom light

996. These feet have taken me on a pretty fantastic and beautiful adventure


997. This community is pretty amazing and wonderful and full of beautiful stories of redemption, obedience, healing, joy and everything in between.

998. Conversations with Kirstie that lend themselves to big dreams

999. Oh yeah, Thursday ice cream night with Kirstie is back

1000. That God is good all the time and he keeps challenging me to dream bigger, believe more, live with foolish trust and embrace the messy bits of life because he redeems them into something truly beautiful.

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