Endless Gifts (2)

The bus to sainte Marie broke down in the shade

At the end of a long taxi brousse ride with 18 people was a beautiful beach waiting for me

A lovely little tour through the heart of Sainte Marie


Coconut water

No filter Paradise


Bright bright stars and lazy sunrises

Crepes and coffee on the beach for Thanksgiving


Falling asleep to the sound of a wild ocean

Saltwater breezes in the afternoon

Warm Indian ocean and a walk along the shore to nowhere in particular

Our friendly Tuc Tuc driver who picked us up at 2:30 am

The spice” hike … Vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, mimosas …

A rainbow halo around the sun

My sister in Scotland was able to help me pick out my dress … I love technology!

Even though she was sick, Lisa planned a lovely birthday dinner at Piment Banane for me


New and old friends and good life advice from each one

Just about the most unique and awesome balloon ever from Scott


So many beautiful birthday wishes from around the world and photos shared of great moments in cherished friendships

A card that left me a little speechless and a stunning photo


Yummy chocolates from Amy

Discovering La Creperie and good conversation

A phone call with mom and dad

A little boy in A ward making his way from the bathroom to his bed (with the help of his nurse) even though he’s in two casts. The look of pride and accomplishment on his face was priceless

A birthday phone call from Roguy

Sweet little gifts and the thoughtfulness of Dianna to plan ahead

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