Endless Gifts (3)

Monday Fundays are here and we have a warehouse for outdoor movies


A great first week back in the Sales department and a good team to work with

Mercy Ministries is up and running

A trip to the craft market with LuWanna to restock the Ship Shop


A last dinner with Kathy, even if the time was too short

The honor of writing Hanna’s goodbye and getting to put on paper for everyone why she is such a cherished friend (and sister) of mine

Festus is exactly where Josh and Lisa left him in the Sales Manager office and it brings a smile to my face everytime I see it

An office window where I can look out and see patients coming and going and see some of the unnoticed work by the Transportation guys

That the Land Cruisers from Benin arrived, cleared and are home


Getting to be the first one to drive 512 in Madagascar

Coconuts and shared experiences and a beautiful and bright Malagasy bag given to me


Friday dinner out and Karaoke

Moving into a three berth (all this space is really just for me!)


Organizing and getting rid of excess

Building a collage of memories and quotes to inspire daily

A sweet but short conversation with Katie Love

Susanna and Emily’s help on waffle day and Susanna’s offer to help on Crepe day too!

Getting spend a day baking with Lisa to sell Christmas Delight at the Winter Wonderland


The AFM Winter Wonderland Market and getting to see the creativity and talent in this community

One last fire drill with Nicole , even of we did have to melt in the heat for no reason


Fire drills are a perfect opportunity to touch up a tan (sh, don’t tell the captain)

Fast internet connection means I can stream a Podcast from church back home

City Prayer and a great conversation with Tanya and Laura after


Living with nurses and hearing the stories of their patients

Seeing all the HOPE Center Day Crew on board the ship in their green scrubs and knowing it will open soon

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  1. Kristin, Have the blankets arrived yet? The ladies keep asking me about them….It sound like you are enjoying your job. Love you Grandma

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