Endless Gifts (4)

The Dental Clinic is up and running


That I grew up with Dr. Boettcher and years of bi-annual checkups and teeth cleanings

Another beautiful Hope center almost completed

A “Let’s Dream Big” e-mail

Lenny Kravitz, a cup of tea and space to relax

Sometimes you have a heart sick day and you have no clue as to why but thankfully there are some sweet kiddos just a deck or two below that you can go visit and play with and somehow that treats almost all the heartsick.

Scott’s willingness to share his story with the crew

Heather Danielson and Elisa Handley inspiring me to join a gym while I’m here #progressnotperfection

The random opportunity to watch Sam, Hannah and Miriam play and dance


A lovely Sunday brunch chat with Amy Jones where of course we solved all the world’s problems and discovered a bit more of ourselves along the way

A trip to the lemur zoo and playing with a chameleon

IMG_7582 IMG_7526

Chai tea and biscuits with the Gurkhas at the lemur zoo

Kirstie’s confirmation of something stirring in my heart for dreaming big for my future

Finally figuring out the why to a long suffered question

Dinner with Shea and honest conversations

Sleeping in on Sunday morning and no obligations

A group of lovely nurses who made lots of smoothies for the crew last week

A Winter Wonderland photo booth (and the traditional Christmas photo with Lisa)

Winter Wonderland Photo Booth Winter Wonderland Photo Booth Winter Wonderland Photo Booth

Hearing the giggles and laughs of kids as I walk by the hospital

A great conversation with Rob and the chance to get to know him a bit more

Karen’s servant heart and willingness to teach me how to process the crew mailboxes even though it meant working a little late

Getting to see the smiles on people’s faces when they pick up their packages at the Post Office

Brenda’s insight into a situation that made me stop and think about it in a completely different way

That one Friday where a whole group of us drove back to the port singing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing as loud as we could.

Finally finding my red lipstick again 🙂

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