Endless Gifts (5)

Getting to be a part of the Day crew Christmas party. We really are blessed to have such an amazing group of people working with us


Brandon putting the Stulls new mattress in for me so I can finally move in to cabin sit


And now I can have RDPs (random dance parties)

Nana bringing me a smoothie while I worked

Brenda getting many volunteers to be stretcher bearers during the fire drill

A container finally arrived!


And in it was a long overdue gift from Wendy


Marina’s positive attitude and always looking for ways to serve

The HR teams support on a particular issue

Having Deb for a roommate and her incredibly big heart for those we can’t help

Cinnamon hot chocolate

Scott’s willingness to step and run Trivia Night last minute

A phone call with my parents

Walking down the hospital hallway with Molly and hearing the little kids giggle and see Molly tear up a bit… have I said how amazing the nurses on this ship are?

Being introduced to the best chocolate experience in the world… Swiss milk chocolate meets Pop Rocks seriously life changing


A group of girls that know how to laugh a lot but still have honest and real conversations

Crew that like to volunteer and help plan the New Year’s Eve party

Elf, beef and cheese, and Christmas stocking creations with Lisa

Praying scripture over others with Scott

Little kiddos singing Christmas carols in the cafe


Diet Coke and Twix treats are back in my life

Ally still sends me hilarious e-mails even while in England

My birthday present Kindle arrived safe and sound in Ohio for Katie to bring back

Even if time has been an issue and I have yet to actually get there for the event, the Gate of Praise events run by the local church I attend. 21 nights of praise and outreach on the beach

This lovely little gift left from Josh



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