Endless Gifts (6)

The kindness of our crew to pay it forward and gift others with groceries in the Ship Shop. Sorta reminds me of the pay it forward line at Starbucks DTs

Carols on the dock


Gifts of DayQuil and NyQuil so I could be apart of Christmas happenings even though I was sick

Noel’s invitation for Christmas Eve dinner

Fiber optic network with 10mb speed

Seeing my favorite niece and nephews in America


…and seeing my favorite nephew and nieces in Scotland (and Miriam blowing kissed for the first time!)


Kind notes and sweet gifts in my sparkly shoe


Open cabins and our imaginary Tuk Tuk Express

Lemon cookies

Even if I missed out on the Sainte Marie trip I still got to see photos of my friends enjoying the gifts Lisa and I got for them


Offices being converted to storage for all the Pringles and chips from two containers


AFM pizza night!

Christmas brunch with new and old friends


We Bought A Zoo

An encouraging “get better soon” note on my door

Amazon gift cards and a new book from family

Healthy dessert plates 😉


A Christmas a globe to keep gifts under


That Katie is one of those friend always there for me even if she’s half a world away

The HOPE center is finally open!


The blankets for the hospital my grandma and her friends made finally made it!

Getting to work with Tammy and her supply team everyday

Making little changes with a big impact in the Ship Shop

My friend Dianna Cash comes back in just about two weeks!

Sunsets that remind there is always something beautiful to see


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  1. So glad the blankets finally got there. Did the children like them? Hope so. Love to you and know I think of you often and pray for you. Write when you can. Granddma

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