11:5 – The Dental Clinic

  The Dental Clinic up and running and since its opening in November they have seen over 1,000 patients!! We have dentists from around the world coming to help with procedures (extractions, fillings, cleanings and oral hygiene). The average amount of teeth removed per patient is 6-8 teeth! Comfort teaches proper dental hygiene while patients wait... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (10)

The beginning of a friendship restored Sarah Dunn running the Monday Funday Trivia Night How much fun the moms have on Trivia Night Jesse's help making Happy Day cookies My kindle arrived and I am a very happy reader again Jordan and Katie Stull are finally back, even though it means I'm not cabin sitting... Continue Reading →

11:5 – Tana Eye Screening

Most countries we go to there is a big need for ophthalmology, but here we've found the Malagasy have very good eyes. So as we look for additional ways to help, we've started looking at taking on pediatric patients in the eye program. The Tana Screening last week saw a lot of these cuties and I'm... Continue Reading →

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