Endless Gifts (7)

Ray found the right manual so I could fix the espresso machine

Mint. Lots and lots of mint.


Two anonymous donors who blessed me tremendously. Thank you so very very much

Driving a Land Rover and 550 at that (the oldest and worst one)

A special chai tea blend shared by Amy

Hearing this announcement over the PA system “If you have personal goods on the Texas Christmas container and your last name starts with J-S please go to deck 8 Portside to collect your personal goods”

Looking out my office window to see the patient transport everyday


Grown up friends who can work through difficult things

And friends who will sit on the floor and cry and pray with you when things hurt

A new year full of open doors

A great and perfect party on the ship


The wonderful friends and crew who helped to make said party happen


And the beautiful people who helped clean up

The first beach dinner of the year followed by tea and brownies and a good movie

Even though friendships sometimes take unexpected turns it doesn’t lessen the impact they’ve had in my life

Hits to my pride are inevitable, thankful I’ve learned to take responsibility where due and not playing games

Alumni friends who are now supporters

Ruben Figueroa is a pretty great ship brother to have… Good conversation and good thoughts from that man

Mike and Sue Silverstein

Red lipstick after a tough night is always a good life choice


A shared experience with Kirstie (no bruises this time)

Breakfast for dinner and Deck 7 conversation with Amy and Lisa while the sun set

Sitting on the floor of D Ward coloring with Annisa

Sunday night dinner and pizza and summer trip planning with Lisa

Tickle fights and time spent at the HOPE center


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