Endless Gifts (9)

Happy Day deliveries to the different teams on the ship

Watching a lightening storm from my office window

The Jones’ are back! The Jones’ are back!

A photo from Amy that reminds me this country is something quite unique and spectacular


The start of the AFM biggest loser competition

A beautifully organized office supply storage are thanks to Mary and Patty

My eye shadow arrived via the lovely Amy Jones!

Even though I don’t want to admit it, Scott was right when he said I’ll be glad I learned to drive the Land rovers

Apple pie toasties and tea for dessert


A gift of yummy tea from Ashley


Emmanuel pumped up my office exercise ball

Reminders from around the ship to let go


A random just because hug and gift from little Harry Dunne

An invite to a much needed relaxing weekend away and space to process

Coffee and breaky on the beach


Stargazing and silence with a new friend

Good conversations and good laughs and little to no work talk

A stunning sunset


A walk on the beach with a stop to pet the turtles

A new book that sparks thought and inspires big dreams of change


Nick Cash helping to create a space to worship

Dianna Cash’s honest and thought provoking teaching … Simple but powerful

These words of truth from Sunday night


The Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl

Pear honey dressing and turkey available for my salads… its the little things in cafeteria life that make a difference

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