Endless Gifts (10)

The beginning of a friendship restored

Sarah Dunn running the Monday Funday

Trivia Night How much fun the moms have on Trivia Night


Jesse’s help making Happy Day cookies


My kindle arrived and I am a very happy reader again

Jordan and Katie Stull are finally back, even though it means I’m not cabin sitting anymore

Catching up on the last six weeks with Katie

The Finance and Sales team bringing a hot chocolate party to the Academy students at the end of Spirit Week


That I work in an environment that affords for us to participate and invest in kids lives

All the technical crew who worked hard to keep the lights on and the mooring lines from breaking

Marina going out of her way to clear our table at dinner just because

That when the announcement was made we might have to go to anchor due to surges Captain Tim prayed over the PA system… Seriously I live and work in an amazing place

My Shutterfly order arrived and a few minutes spent remembering all the good memories of the last year


Rachel working in the cafe with me on Friday night

Dinner with Laura Miles

Watching the rain come down from the safety of my office, so thankful I can stay warm and dry, especially after hearing how Marina’s house flooded with water and sewage from the heavy rains.


Caramelized grilled onions and shredded lettuce… even if it was on hot dog night

The waves calmed down and we didn’t need to tie down and sail

Finding a Calm tea bag hidden under all the China Green Tips ones, just a little reminder that He sees me

Celebrating Pops’ birthday with pancakes and brownies


Krissy and Dianna faithfully opening the cafe on Sunday mornings

A phone call home and catching up a bit

Jack Wall was my little helper on mail day

Steph keeps me motivated on on track for those work out days, even when I don’t feel like going

Savoring a cherry coke with a treasured friend


7 thoughts on “Endless Gifts (10)

Add yours

    1. and now we need to add a “)” after “-“….this is ridiculous. thanks for loving me in spite of my mistakes!!!

  1. You’re a shining star among all of us! I thank God for you and your service to all of the crew.
    Thanks for sharing. Love your AFM Mom

  2. Love hearing all the thing going on with you. Did you get the message that the ladies here, who worked on the blankets, would like to know if they were liked.?Love you Grandma

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