Endless Gifts (11)

Bachelor night with the girls

A lovely walk in the warm rain followed by a great beer and conversation by candlelight with the ever fantastic Amy Jones


Brandon fixed the sliding door to the ship shop

My parents sending the misdirected parcel to Catrice and Catrice being willing to bring it over for me

New clothes 🙂

An encouraging and motivating e-mail from Bob Goff

Brandon and Emily gifting me the bean bags for the cornhole boards

A lovely dinner with Fara


Discovering Hulu again. And yes I did cry small small when I saw Top Chef, The Mindy Project and Law and Order: SVU.

And that Wendy truly understands me

A great night out with Luke and real and honest conversation at a little spot on the beach

Andrea’s screening of Half the Sky

City Prayer is back and the openness and beauty of those who come

Nick and Dianna Cash and their constant support and encouragement

Nana making and bringing me one of his famous smoothies and the special packaging


My new friends at the market who blessed me with random little treasures from their stalls

Roguy’s gift that makes my heart happy everyday

The AFM crew has blessed Inner Wheel Cotonou with a large donation to their VVF Clinic so they can continue to build

Realizing our big dreams for Benin didn’t die and they weren’t put on the shelf they are still abundantly possible

And reminders at random moments to keep dreaming without hesitation or fear


The privilege to pick up the screening team and a 2 year old with a severely infected burn and her mama.

A perfectly timed, life giving compliment

The moment when you walk out of the crew galley and your hear Josh Young’s laugh from the cafe

Two hours on Deck 8 with David Crowder


A great turnout for our Super Bowl Party

Jesse’s willing and servant heart to get up at 1:30am to make snacks for the party and then go back to bed


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  1. thanks for this information. I so enjoy reading what is going on in your life. Love you . Love and kisses Grandma

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