11:5 – The Lab Techs


These are two of the unsung heroes on the ship… Jenny and Lise.

This last Tuesday these two beautiful ladies worked one their longest days from 7:00-11:00pm in order to support the operation going on down the hallway.

It took our surgeons over 12 hours to remove this 16 pound tumor from our patient


And during those 12 hours he lost a lot blood and went through unit after unit of blood. So Jenny and Lise spent the day and night rounding up A+ blood donors on top of their normal work load. When Jenny found me in the dining room at almost 9:00pm she had a smile on her face and asked me if I wouldn’t mind going to the lab to donate.


In the 40 minutes I was down there I saw these ladies work with joy and great professionalism and even though they had drawn 10 units of blood in as many hours they didn’t let any of the tiredness show and they sent off three units of warm, fresh blood immediately.


Its operations like this that remind me not only how special this community is, but also how incredible this hospital is… having incredibly skilled and gifted medical staff here in all departments makes such a difference and reminds us all that it isn’t just the gifted surgeon or the loving nurses that make change a reality, its a whole team of people behind them; the lab techs, the radiologists, the sterilizers, the bio med technicians, the supply team… it takes a village.

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  1. Thank you for donating blood KJ. It’s always a pleasure to spend time talking and draw your blood 🙂

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