Endless Gifts (12)

Emmanuel’s help with setting up for Monday Funday

Friends that keep my silly collection of bottle caps growing

My friend Carrie. I miss her all the time but some days I really wish we could just sit on the couch with a glass of wine and laugh and talk while we eat Thai food


Emma and Caroline’s help with reorganizing the ship shop

Standing in the hospital hallway and hearing to the kids on the wards belly laughing

Donating blood and knowing the man it will go to is just a few doors down


Jenny and Lise’s positive attitudes while she tracked down all the blood donors

Sambany’s successful surgery and removal of a 16lb tumor

Photo Credit Ruben Plomp

Just how many crew members dropped whatever they were doing to go donate blood



Sitting on the floor of A Ward with on girl laying in my lap teaching me words in Malagache, one little girl handing me countless Dora matching cards (seriously that Dora is everywhere) and one kid reading my badge and repeating “Kristin Jack” over and over again, leaving A ward with a full and happy heart

Seeing the patient I picked up from the airport last week and seeing how happy she looks… No more traumatized and pained look just a normal happy little girl

Marta inviting me to the ICU and getting to meet Sambany and watch as he saw himself in the mirror without the tumor.


Emma Cash’s invitation to play the Dance game

A hallway chat with Tammy Dunne

A perfectly relaxing Saturday with Kirstie complete with a manicure that makes me smile

Seeing Catherine Murphy back on the ship, even if it’s just a business trip

Mom and Pops support

Passionfruit juice discovered and a new favorite

Blue Cheese Zebu steak… I’m wrecked for regular steak when I go home

Fresh baked Koontz cookies delivered by the man himself


A new duvet cover that makes all the difference

Finding really great quotes on Facebook

IMG_8092-0 IMG_8079-0

Memories shared with Jenny and just how happy I am that she is my sister

A note from Hanna that makes me smile, laugh and tear up a bit because I miss her so

A new running buddy even it means early mornings… progress not perfection.

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