Endless Gifts (13)

Natalie, Gigi, Heather and Deb helping with Smoothie Night

Fulbert carried the big box of fruit up the gangway for me

A secret valentine sending a singing telegram and sweet note


That God listens to even those silly little things in our hearts

Honest direction and perspective for a new dream

Seeing a lovely friend wait patiently even though it’s difficult, frustrating and seems unfair she is still beautifully trusting God with her love story

Poolside conversation with Amy and her empathetic listening ear

Celebrating my two my cousin’s new families…

Danica Rose Matté has arrived on Friday and is just as precious and beautiful as can be


And a few hours later, Amelia made her precious debut


Chocolate chip cookies – freshly baked with love for Valentine’s Day

No fire drill this week!

Tuesdays and Thursdays with Lollie and Ashley

Rachel’s back!

Watching the fishermen fish from deck 7


Peter Koontz’s Orange Julius creation

Words of wisdom from Augustin


Potholders in the crew galley

Lunch at the Cyclone Hotel and a an afternoon nap poolside

Fragrant Valentine flowers


God’s unending, incomparable crazy love

An empty crew galley to bake in

Mama Joyce said she’ll teach me how to cook

A great and thought provoking and motivating conversation with Kayla about the prostitution issue here in Tamatave and this gem from Matt Chandler

Unplanned twinsie moments


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