Endless Gifts (14)

As silly as it sounds, that there isn’t a fire sprinkler in my berth space and I don’t even have to think about it

The Mastrena finally made it here!


A day trip adventure with Lisa’s dad and our little ship family

And seeing lemurs 🙂


Little cuties and big smiles

IMG_8162[1] IMG_8164[1]

A lovely dinner out with my wonderful sales team

The ladies that volunteer to come to work on Monday mornings

A beautiful trip down the canal


Weekend morning fried eggs

A trip to the market and seeing a new side of things I usually don’t see


Finding the perfect secret ingredients for Chopped!

Our resident chef who did a great job hosting the AFM Chopped competition

Josh, Johan and Katie making it all possible for the show to be streamed live

Katie, Anna, David and Marina helping with washing a lot of dishes and cleaning up the crew galley

Sunday morning relaxing with the Cash kids and Howie’s book “Pour Your Heart Into It”

Caroline’s creative crossword search for me


Four uninterrupted hours at the Calypso pool and a delicious Cappuccino

Rainy day runs means it’s not blazing hot at 6:30 in the morning

Dinner at Darafify and random moments with a dear friend


Long conversations with friends back home and making plans for the summer

Celebrating Lisa the night before she leaves for America

IMG_8310[1] IMG_8303[1]

Nick’s great and thought provoking talk on fasting

Peanut butter cookie brownies

Friends that understand my hesitation and don’t push me into anything I’m not strong enough for

Flights are booked for summer holiday!!!

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