Endless Gifts (18)

Diana Bergstrom's encouraging and kind words throughout the week Relearning to ride a bike, even if it did result in a bruised arm A perfect St. Paddy's Day Dash complete with T-shirts and delicious food Walking down the gangway to see this big ship family enjoying the St. Paddy's Day BBQ ... it was practically... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (17)

A little Seahawks moment in the with Lollie on a port walk City Prayer moving beyond our bulkheads and into a place of need The first of hopefully many dinners where we simply bring light into darkness A Monday night off and time at the gas station with friends Introducing Simon and Jeremiah to girls... Continue Reading →

11:5 – Neonatal Resuscitation Course

Our education program recently taught a neonatal resuscitation course to 12 Malagasy healthcare providers (pediatric and OR nurses) In the words of Amy Jones, one of our nurse educators, This course is life changing and life giving. By taking part our 12 participants now know what to do with a baby at birth, whether it’s an... Continue Reading →

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