Endless Gifts (15)

  • A long overdue meal with Hannah and catching up on the last year
  • Once again being the last one to say goodbye to Lisa at the airport
  • Scott’s faithful friendship to Lisa
  • Ruben’s wise advice and willingness to listen
  • Waking up to a video of my sweet nieces giggling
  • Talking to Roguy for a brief few minutes
  • Coming home to find this note on my door
  • Two victories in one night and seeing even more healing and growth
  • The opportunity to share with the Deck and Engineering department during their weekly devotion time
  • Saturday morning workout with the girls
  • Really good AC in my room after workouts
  • Coffee and advice with Peter Koontz
  • Dress up dinner with Brenda
  • Getting to see the hospital rhythms on night shift and prayer time with Amy on D Ward
  • Running by Katie’s day crew in the mornings and them cheering us on
  • The housekeepers on the ship who clean up after us and keep hand rails sanitized all without a lot of recognition or thanks
  • Baking treats for Armelle’s baby shower
  • Doorway prayers
  • Incredible and unpredictable weather
  • Silent breakfasts with Ally
  • And people who understand I am just not a morning person and don’t take it personal that all I do is mumble
  • Laundry room conversations
  • Catching a glimpse of a lovely “after” moment from my office window
  • Random ice cream adventure with Katie
  • How one man continues to remind us what boundless miracles are possible when this community unites around one common hope and prayer … If only we could live this way everyday

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  1. KJ – I always really enjoy reading your “Endless Gifts” posts! You are a special person, and we miss seeing you and others from the ship…

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