11:5 – Palliative Care Miracle

This glimpse into the amazing work our Palliative Care team does is too beautiful not to share…


You might think this is a weird post, but our team witnessed a miracle today and I can’t contain it!!! Our home visits are not all about the process of dying but of LIFE too! We visited a dear patient today that we first met at screening. At that time, based on her symptoms, we were suspicious of her having uterine/cervical cancer or something of the like. She had also been trying to conceive for years, being ridiculed at home for her barrenness. So during our home visits these past months, we have boldly prayed for her health, family restoration, and that she would one day have a child. Today when we visited, we knew deep within us that we should offer her a pregnancy test. We told her, “No matter the result, we will be here with you.” After she shakily applied the drops, the four of us watched in anticipation. And as those BLESSED double lines appeared, our team burst into tears and laughter. Eventually when reality set in, she kissed us on the cheeks and just couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. We all kept exclaiming “It’s a miracle!” and laughing in disbelief. While I doubted that this was ever possible, God is so big and NOTHING is impossible for him. Our God is a God of miracles and he is so so SO good!

Marris Smith, Palliative Care Nurse

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