Endless Gifts (16)


  • Simon and Ally’s help with Monday Funday movie night
  • Amy and Jacki’s affirming words and encouragment
  • This team :
  • Dianna’s honesty about the little things that bring her heart smiles
  • Four gold stars from Ashley
4 gold stars
  • George’s chivalrous act of cleaning off the chair for me
  • Chitra checking on me while I work late … My goodness I love our Ghurkas and can’t imagine life without them!
  • Dinner with a friend and hearing highlights from a great week
  • Ruben dropping us off at the gangway so we didn’t have to walk far in the rain F
  • Finally a lunch and proper catch up with Andrea (no Advance talk 🙂
  • The first ever AFM Jarty Bush Dance party (and all the people who made it a success)
  • Running during a stormy downpour and laughing with Katie
  • Learning to accept a compliment and just say “Thank you”
  • John’s leadership and support of the finance team and gentle correction when needed
  • Non containerized chocolate from my mama
  • The Tuk Tuk driver who walked through a small “lake” to bring a rock for me to walk on when I got out
  • The joy of planning my summer holiday
  • Katie’s courage to share her story at community meeting
  • A portable sound system and a friend to set it up
  • This reminder from Howard Shultz :

    “Although I was forced to realize my dream on a far smaller scale than I had planned, I was sure that the results would bear out the soundness of my instincts.”

  • Late night chats with Gigi on B Ward
  • Everytime I run pass the man who runs without any shoes I remember how lucky I am to have running shoes
  • That Ashley just laughs when I’m having an afternoon on the StuggleBus
  • Ivanna and Kirstie’s kindness and comfort during my meltdown and the beauty that resulted
  • The ladies are here! The ladies are here! Now we start the women’s health surgical program and fistula repairs


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