Endless Gifts (18)

Diana Bergstrom’s encouraging and kind words throughout the week

Relearning to ride a bike, even if it did result in a bruised arm

A perfect St. Paddy’s Day Dash complete with T-shirts and delicious food


Walking down the gangway to see this big ship family enjoying the St. Paddy’s Day BBQ … it was practically a perfect night complete with games of sardines, Irish dancing and lots of laughs and happy crew

Watching a determined and motivated woman run across the finish line for the dash

Green food coloring and a shared experience

Complimentary Jelly Belly candy handed out because 10lbs is too much for one person but enough to sell in the Ship Shop


Coming to collect my laundry and finding it folded and waiting for me

Saturday afternoon at Ocean’s 501

The ladies on B Ward who have bright smiles who quietly wave hello each night when I walk in

The 2015 Africa Mercy International Film Festival and an excuse to dress up

The many volunteers who made the Film Festival such a success (Josh, Katie, Jesse, Johan, Jasmin, Eunice, Mirjam, Amy, Ally and all the filmmakers and judges too!)

Two very successful events that blessed the crew and brought some fun into our little ship community

Amy’s sweet goodbye note and her friendship, she is already greatly missed


The missing crew mailbox finally showed up and made a lot of people extremely happy

Being the bus babysitter on Friday evening meant that I got to be one of the first to see Erin Kirk


My beautiful friend Dianna who continues to be such a faithful friend and example of an authentic and honest woman of God who sparkles … even on meh days she brings a certain level of brightness that no one else can

The chance to relax poolside and enjoy a fun brunch after a very exhausting but fun night

A Saturday adventure through town with the Cash crew and Ally

Erin’s excitement and encouragement and affirmation of a little project of mine

Sitting in my office and hearing the patient’s laughs and kid’s giggles as they walk up to Deck 7

Apologies and acceptance of said apologies because there are some days where someone goes out of their way to make sure everything is alright after a less than stellar moment and there are other days where its me that needs to make things right … no matter which it is I am so thankful for gracious acceptance and understanding


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  1. Love you and miss you .. You are so beautiful and have such a great smile. Keep up the good work. Love and hugs. Grandma

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