Endless Gifts (19)

Ship kids… Emma Cash’s pedicure… Reiner running to open a door for me… these kids are great to share life with


The first Dress Ceremony for the VVF program


A much needed night away at Ocean 501 and waking up to the sound of the ocean meeting the shore


Vanilla ice cream + coconuts + stargazing = one perfect night

The strong and consistent and honest leadership of Nick and Dianna Cash

Bedtime tea and a random Tuesday off to catch up on sleep

Brian Key and the example he was to so many and the reminder that life is fleeting and each heartbeat is a gift

My first trip to the local prison and how stepping outside your comfort zone can be so rewarding

Marie’s willingness to share her tragic story with me and the opportunity to hold her hand and pray for her … and that I can continue to pray boldly for justice for her

Beach walks

Dianna, Katie and Jenelle’s help with making the centerpieces for Easter Sunday Brunch


A long chat with Wendy and knowing that its only 53 days until I get to see my friend again!

Akbar’s help with Late Night Lattes

A random Friday morning market run with Katie

Supportive friends and family

Sunrise Easter service on Deck 8


Words of Truth spoken during communion

Celebrating Easter and Christ’s victory with my little ship family

These two lovely ladies who give me permission to be real and honest and who laugh at the crazy days with me


Open cabins with the girls and yummy treats

Sarah’s kind gift and note waiting for me by my cabin door

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