Endless Gifts (20)

Even Peanut Butter M&M’s from Holland have that sadly comforting dishsoap taste

A nap on the beach in perfect stillness

A chat with the parents

A thoughtful and sweet gift from my dear friend Caitlin


And a sweet card from my stalkers 😉


Big deep breaths and a decision made for next year

The second dress ceremony and women’s lives changed forever

Anna’s offer to do Late Night Lattes on a night when I wasn’t feeling 100%…

…and the reminder that God cares about the little things, even coffee for the night shift nurses

Hospitality’s kindness and thoughtfulness after my cabin flooded and a bed to sleep in while my berth dried out


And waking up to this beautiful morning


Dave’s joyful attitude whilst working on my cabin and taking apart my bed after the flood

Nana’s notes on the bathroom after he’d fixed the problem

A laundry experience that didn’t end in frustration

Fragrant flowers from a beloved friend


A divine lunchtime conversation with Tierah

The many volunteers to make the Father Daughter Dinner Dance a flawless success … from decor to serving to playing live music and a photographer to capture the moments

IMG_8763 IMG_8770


And of course the talented women who helped the girls get ready


And the dads on this ship that daily live out what means to love well


Watching the patients on Deck 7 relax and breathe and enjoy and thankful for the nurses who give them this precious space to do so

Reminders here and there and everywhere that this place is held together by God’s hand and nothing else … we are simply conduits of his grand design and love and purpose

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