Endless Gifts (21)

Finding forgotten memories on my phone

IMG_8164 IMG_8160\

Yummy crevette au coco (shrimp in coconut sauce) and discovering a new restaurant

Brenda’s company while I worked on Tuesday night

A much needed 13 hour sleep

A windy early morning run

Hearing the great stories from Mercy Ministries

The opportunity to be creative and help Lisa decorate for the African Onboarding Graduation

And the opportunity to celebrate these 14 men and one women who have put in so much time and hard work into their training. They also started a program in a local village to teach the mamas how to make a nutritionally rich and balanced cereal so that their children can grow healthy and fat. This was after discovering the government stopped supplying the cereal, this group learned how to make it, provided and taught it to 30+ participants and is handing the ministry over to a local ONG to continue the work.


Hearing about Nana’s Seed Project for onboarding where is helping a local man build a Pous Pous (bicyle taxi) business so he can provide for his family


Sitting next to Emma and the lovely picture she made me

Jenny and I redeeming our reputations as cyclists

A perfect few hours off the ship exploring the streets of Tamatave and enjoying a really good burger and ice cream with Jenny

Coconuts at dusk with Akbar


Celebrating Cora’s third birthday


Dallas to Seattle flight booked … 3 June I’m back in the land of Mac and Jacks, Chonga bagels, fish tacos and some of the most beautiful faces I know!

Waking up to videos of my nephews playing

The cheese container is here!


Watching a rainstorm and smelling the freshness it brings

A friend’s strong leadership through faithful service in the quiet ways that often go unnoticed

Honest conversations about ship life and affecting change

Walking into B Ward and seeing a Day Crew reading the Bible and about eight women sitting listening with rapt attention

Deb’s joyfulness at the end of long and busy evening shifts

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