Endless Gifts (22)

Katie bringing me soup when I was sick the first time this week

Breakfast with Akbar and Themna lessons

Those divine moments that start with you wondering why you are going out to Shoprite when you feel so sick but it ends with you and your friend taking photos of tumor and contact information for 27 year old woman you see sitting on the curb right in front of your Land Cruiser

Moon views


And sunsets from the gangway


Another La Terrase meal with 13 fantastic people

My “personal shopper” at the market and building connections with local businesswomen


Ibrahim and Jelmer carrying up all the bags from my market run

Finally getting a win

Being sick means early nights and lots of sleep

Sue’s Facebook post


A car to use during my Seattle holiday and I didn’t even need to ask

Amazing and delicious dinner with Mom and Pops Silverstein

Stacia taking out our cabin’s trash (she’s not even in our cabin, just stopped by to take it with hers … “cheaper than the Koontz’s”)

Tea wisdom and reminders


Cheese is back in the dining room and I couldn’t be happier!

Finance Fun Fridays with Ashley


The sweet and considerate friends who helped me stay hydrated and fed when I got sick for the second time in one week (Dianna, Deb, Akbar and Katie)

My red Nalgene bottle that has been with me for five countries, countless adventures and now one epic bout with the flu

Secret Church arranged by Jordan and Katie Stull


And Katie saving me a monster cookie for when I feel better and my appetite comes back

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