Endless Gifts (23)

Celebrating Sierra Leone’s Independence Day with a time of prayer, specifically against Ebola and the effects of Ebola, and a Deck 7 party

IMG_8866 IMG_8865

A tasty banana muffin waiting on my desk

The safe return and rescue of almost 400 women and children in Nigera

Memories from Congo and the best Reception team (18 minute muster people… 18 minutes)

fellows IMG_8876

That moment when you find the perfect gift

Our Ghurkas families are safe in Nepal and they will get to return to Nepal to see them

The way a bag of freshly opened espresso beans always smells … one of the most comforting smells in the world

Finally getting new product into the Ship Shop

Norbert and the incredible journey he has been on and the incredibly big heart and determination he has. I love this little guy and love that when I see him at HOPE Center he runs to give me a hug and a big smile


Marina and AR’s help with getting a few things set up for the 2015 ‘Scar Amazing Race

All the volunteers who helped to make the Amazing Race so much for fun for the participants (Ashley, Rachel, David, Marina, Christina, Melissa, Maria, Jim, Belinda, Lollie, April, Brenda, Andrea, Steve, Robbie, Ryan, Angela, Emma, Traci and so many others who helped behind the scenes!)

Another successful and memorable AFM Event


Poolside girls day at the Victoria Beach Hotel


Adalynn : “Miss KJ, can you sit with me in the car?” and other sweet moments with ship kids

Sacred time with my sweet friend Dianna

Reminders that my questions are normal and valid

And my thoughts are valued and heard

Jordan and Brandon who made two sets of Cornhole boards


Mexican night … sweet, delicious, wonderful, happy Mexican night

Glow in the dark stars on my ceiling

Reminders of a city I love dearly

Henry’s preaching and passion for God’s Word “Pentecost made the impossible possible”

“To be spiritually dry is not a thing of shame, it’s a thing of humility and brokenness”

Two years with Mercy Ships …

… and only 25 more days until PTO!

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