11:5 – Cars, Trucks and Ambulances

I love my office for a lot of reasons but the top one is because of the view through my porthole. Almost every day I watch as our Land Cruisers and Land Rovers drive back and forth dropping off and picking up patients, I watch as the Transportation team washes and maintains the vehicles, I see Tom’s truck leave loaded with supplies to go work on the HOPE Center, dental clinic or team house. I watch as Crew say goodbye to patients or other Crew.


It takes every department to make our Hospital be the success it is. Our Transportation Department is one of those unsung departments working hard behind the scenes to support the daily operations of the Hospital and the Ship. We have a fleet of 27 vehicles (and two Tuk Tuks) that are pretty much always in use.


We have a fantastic team of mechanics that keep these cars running year after year. And every year we hire Day Crew to assist with the maintenance but also hire Day Crew to drive the vehicles. It might not seem like a very important job but its one of those foundational departments.

The ambulances bring patients to and from the HOPE Center for their appointments, rehab or dressing changes.

The vehicles bring patients from the Assembly Site safely to the Ship for their Screening and appointments.

Photo Credit Ruben Plomp, New Ambulance in use. Toyota
Photo Credit Ruben Plomp, New Ambulance in use. Toyota

The vehicles also safely transport the visitors that come to see their family or friends who are still on the Ward.

We have some vehicles at the Team House that help the CBSP team get around town and to the Ship.

The remote teams in Tana (Agriculture Program and Tana Team – welcoming new crew) have vehicles to help them get around and transport supplies.

The fleet is also available for personal use which sometimes can make all the difference… to have just a sliver of normalcy being able to run out to the store or to dinner and not have to walk or flag down a pous-pous.

Photo Credit Justine Forrest
Photo Credit Justine Forrest

The Tuk Tuks run a shuttle from the Ship to the Port Gate, which though its not a long walk, its a blessing to have a covered two minute drive instead of a hot, potentially sweaty, 10 minute walk.

In short, the fleet of vehicles makes life and operations here that much better and without the team of Crew and Day Crew we would be less effective and efficient.

Photo Credit Elie Sergio Benarson
Photo Credit Elie Sergio Benarson

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