Endless Gifts (24)

Emmanuel’s willingness to help wherever needed, even if its literally just turning on the sound for Monday Funday Movie Night

All the Mada II AFM Events are planned and calendared

A clean and organized work space thanks to Billy and Rebecca

Delicious pizza at La Terasse and knowing that there is a lot going on that we can’t see


Random hugs from friends passing by the Shop

Akbar’s company during my Tuesday night shift

My wall of motivational quotes


Katie’s incredibly kind and encouraging words

Five days honoring some of the amazing women in my life #choosebeautiful

IMG_8974 IMG_8951 IMG_896111041582_10155532318165352_7241821964516151245_n11163183_10155545171685352_5006428452762337063_n

Dinner with Dianna and Emma Cash (twice) and playing the Hi-Lo game

Surf and Turf brochettes at the Train Station and really good conversation and laughs with Ashley and Lollie

Sneaky coffee time

Snapping that perfect Zebu photo


Finance Fun Fridays are just a delight

Andrew Rothwell is going to be our new Operations Director

Random moments in the hallway

IMG_9001 IMG_8996

Rachel and Jenna’s help with Late Night Lattes

Walking into A Ward on Friday and seeing Matt and Emma Morrison, they are just good people

Liberia is Ebola free!!


Long bike rides with friends and the bike rental system

A padlock for my eggs… no more stealing!


17 days until PTO

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