Endless Gifts (25)

Our amazing Ghurkas who returned to Nepal after the earthquake and who are doing what they can to help their families, friends, and those in need. I am humbled and blessed by the way these men live life and support their people … travelling into the remote areas to help


Our Ghurka, Min, who came back to the ship early from Nepal so that he could help run security while the other Ghurkas went home

The way our community rallies around our Ship Family and the money we were able to give the Ghurkas to help them rebuild and support


“I respect what you’re doing”

Dinner with the Walls

Morning bike ride and finally beating George!

A perfectly timed picture from the one and only miss Emma Cash


Last dinners out that make the goodbyes a little easier

When you sit down to a meal and see that little dessert spoon at the top of the place mat 🙂

A friend’s encouragement and listening ear

“I’m proud of you.”

Approval for something new and exciting for the Shop

The chance to be a part of an A Ward goodbye and realizing that I’m not that disconnected from the Hospital after all

Girls weekend at Mahambo and so many belly aching laughs!

IMG_9044 IMG_9045

Celebrating Ashley with a delicious Malagasy cake and very special version of “Happy Birthday”


Coconut oil, sun cream and bug repellent means I came home with only two sand flea bites

Breakfast buffet complete with coconut milk, fresh fruit, warm pastries and fried eggs

Late night beach walks with the girls, kicking ghost crabs and splashing in the Indian Ocean

A photo taken at just the right time that captures a memory forever


11 days until PTO!

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