Endless Gifts (26)

A tangible wildflower reminder

Clean feet

A peaceful afternoon in town by myself to regroup and breathe deep

Coming home to a sweet treat on my desk

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

And finding fun lemurs in my office


Pam’s patience and kindness when I through a mini tantrum

Butter chicken Tuesday with the girls… actually just the girls. These lovely ladies who live out their faith with joy, laughter and confidence are just an inspiring group that helped me through the last few months

Friends who like to laugh as much as I do


Year old cheesecake made with love and saying goodbye to Nick and Jenna

That I’m finally on the departure board!


A night to honor Captain Tim and his family (a combined total of 50 years with Mercy Ships!)

And yummy treats and snacks after with Dianna and Kirstie and lots of laughs

A fire drill ice cream party to celebrate our last drill of the Mada I field service

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Koontz cookies!!! But more importantly the Koontz family’s eight years of service on board

The many times I’ve sat in Peter’s office this field service asking for advice or to check and see if I’m crazy or not. And the gift of leadership books he’s given me

An impromptu coffee chat with Remy

AFM goodbyes


Sarah Shultz, she’s just a beautiful person and I am so thankful she is returning next year!

The moms on this ship, dare I say it, they are pretty much badass rockstars… they have all given up so much to come and support their husbands, raise their kids and serve in sometimes very quiet and unseen ways but they all do it well and with such an incredible amount of grace and love. They inspire me.

Photo Credit Katie Keegan -  The AFM Primary Care Givers (PCG's)
Photo Credit Katie Keegan

Watching as a friend’s husband quietly supported her in a very small way

The challenge to be authentic and apologize and a friend’s willingness to accept said apology

Finance Fun Friday with Jack Wall

IMG_9116 IMG_9106

A night of reflection and being once again overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness, provision and miraculous healing

IMG_9146 IMG_9154

Only four days until I leave on a jet plane 🙂

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