Endless Gifts (30)

Running through the forest instead of the Port The gift of new clothes and shopping with Nadene Rachel arrived safe and sound and I got a chance to sit in the cell phone waiting lot and watch a lovely northwest sunset Sorting through my old boxes and purging about four boxes worth of things, but... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (29)

Brunch at Hector's with Carrie (and Mimosas!) It may have taken two years but I finally saved enough to buy a new laptop Catching up with dear friends and getting to hear their stories from the last two years A new Bible and how I always think of Tami Fenno when I read Psalm 119.... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (28)

Seeing a movie in a theater for the first time since spring 2013! Jet lag only lasted a day Getting to try on clothes before buying them Being reunited with my food buddy and all the yummy food in Dallas Relaxing in a Jacuzzi under the stars An afternoon at the JFK memorial Sixth Floor... Continue Reading →

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