Endless Gifts (27)

Sambany made it back to his village and the group that took him home made it back to the ship safe and sound after three days of hiking

Getting to hear about the journey to take Sambany home in Community meeting, can’t wait to share the video and story!

The space to look back on the field service and reflect on all that God has accomplished through us, the doors he’s opened, the people he’s healed and the countless stories of his faithfulness

And the space to dream and hope for Mada II

Catching up with Andrea and hearing about the assessments in DRC and Angola

One last girls night in the Queen’s Lounge and watching The Bachelorette

Headlamps that make night bike rides around Tamatave possible


Successful flea market event and Steph Duncan being willing to organize it all

Juilette taking the remaining items from the flea market and Montez donating them to a village in need

A perfect lunch with my amazing Sales team

Tanya taking over for me while I’m on holiday and knowing that the momentum won’t be lost over the summer

Dinner with the Stulls and hearing Jordan’s anecdotes about taking Sambany home

My friendship with the Stulls which continues to be such a blessing, their authenticity and kindness is infectious and motivating

Notes on doors, a staple during goodbye season on the AFM, each one holds sweet and encouraging and kind words. I love living in a community where people are so bold in their encouragement, calling out the Truth we see in each other and saying thank you in simple but big impact ways


A secret agent recruited to deliver my goodbye notes after I’d already left the ship

The last glimpse of Tamatave until August


Watching a dad at the airport saying goodbye to his kids… unashamed delight and love for those kiddos

The helpful security guard at the Paris airport who carried my bags

Safe flights all the way to Dallas and Valerian root to help me sleep through one of the 10 hour legs

Finally seeing Wendy after two years and a welcome bag of goodies


Greg and Debbie Hutton opening their home to me and their kindness and generosity

Those friendships where you just pick up where you left off, no matter how much time has passed or what’s happened in between

Staying out after 21:00 and enjoying fish tacos and an IPA


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