Endless Gifts (28)

Seeing a movie in a theater for the first time since spring 2013!

Jet lag only lasted a day

Getting to try on clothes before buying them

Being reunited with my food buddy and all the yummy food in Dallas


Relaxing in a Jacuzzi under the stars

An afternoon at the JFK memorial Sixth Floor Museum and learning more about a piece of American history


Stumbling upon a new place, the Midnight Rambler, and sharing good stories and even better belly ache, tears running down your cheeks laughs

The full moon reflecting off Lake Hubbard

A night drive under the stars in a 1969 Corvette…

…and getting to drive said Corvette the next morning!


Stopping by the IOC and getting to see Erin, Peter and Elizabeth

Tigers, bobcats and lions oh my! Getting to visit the Tiger Reserve and Rescue Center in Tyler


Another Sweet Dee and Liz Lemon mini road trip and the good conversations that always happen along the way

Awkward goodbyes that mean a lot

Getting to see my parents again!

Fresh raspberries and blackberries and Tillamook products!


Washington water… unfiltered and so good!

Sample day at Costco… its the little things in life 🙂

Washington views and so many shades of green!


The Mercy team on the ship prepping the cafe for its remodel… a rather big undertaking and a lot of hard work

IMG_9429 IMG_9500-0

Salee’s grad party and all the thunder stealing announcements (two babies and a wedding 🙂


A perfect Guinness from a tap and not a can


Hurricane Jack Russell is back together and ready for some summer fun!


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