Endless Gifts (29)

Brunch at Hector’s with Carrie (and Mimosas!)


It may have taken two years but I finally saved enough to buy a new laptop

Catching up with dear friends and getting to hear their stories from the last two years

A new Bible and how I always think of Tami Fenno when I read Psalm 119. What amazing gift she has been in my life an continues to be!

Roadside cherry stands and copious amounts of Northwest fruit and berries!

IMG_9541 IMG_9783

Jesse and Katie are engaged!

Stumbling across my favorite Swiss chocolate in Trader Joe’s


Catching up with Anna Glover and getting to meet her sweet little Gracie

$5 movies at the North Bend movie theater

Hanging out with Erika each week and taking her cute kiddos to the park

A weekend with my brother and his family and visiting some of their new favorite spots

IMG_9669  IMG_9654 IMG_9606

And getting to be a part of their first foot ferry ride to Bremerton!


A BBQ and a chance to share about Mercy Ships with my parents church and some of my donors

Enjoying a classic and perfect S’more


A relaxing and perfect river float

A proper Monday Funday with Jeff, Carrie and Rob

IMG_9715 IMG_9832

Space and time to process, reflect and grow even if it triggered a panic attack on the freeway

A friend on the other side of the world who stopped everything to pray over me while I had said panic attack

And a friend on the other side of the freeway who was able to pick me up and help me calm down

And a new journal to write everything in


A successful radio interview about Sambany on behalf of Mercy Ships

Those moments when you realize God really does care about the small things and he does like to give good gifts… like the chance to watch the Seahawks play even if its not football season


The gift of pampered and happy hands and feet

Discovering Master Chef Junior… amazed at the talent of these kids and thoroughly entertained

Jeff and Carrie (and Bora)’s hospitality and letting me stay with them whenever I need to, and getting to spend some time in my old apartment that I loved (and the Tiffany blue wall is still there 🙂

The Washington Brewer’s Festival and tasting some perfect IPAs and spending the evening with a truly lovely group of people


Those random nights in Redmond that make for great memories and a little karaoke

Getting to visit my parents church and meet some of their new friends

My favorite dad

163085_10150102158268223_3067772_n (2)

Only 32 days until I get to spend some quality time with my sister and her family.


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