Endless Gifts (31)

Not having to sign out a vehicle or being limited to just four hours

Matador Happy Hour with two of my favorite Starbucks ladies, Amber and Anna

Finding my Orca card and better yet, discovering it still has $8.72 on it!

Laura Rose is engaged!!

Inside jokes with friends that make us all laugh no matter where in the world we are


Knowing that when I return to the ship some exciting changes will have taken place and I’m excited for the opportunity to work under new and different leadership

Being able to share laughs and stories and share my moments of culture shock with someone who just understands

Getting to catch up with Tegan


Another girls night at Christie’s and how thankful I am for each of those amazing ladies!

Microsoft Matching Gifts

Starting my treat day with Mighty-O donuts, nutty french toast and devil’s playground, then capping the day off with a Guinness float

IMG_0180 IMG_0225

Spending the morning at Greenlake with Erin and her sweet and adventurous kiddos

Friendship that spans years and experiences but always feels comfortable and honest

Wandering the Woodland Park Zoo and people watching


The gift of a haircut with my favorite stylist, Sarah Lawrence

And Shelia letting me borrow her car so I could get to the appointment

Running into old friends and customer’s while walking around Redmond

Tiffany blue walls

Laurin and Esther are engaged!

4th of July mimosa’s with Carrie… pretty sure this would be a great tradition to start


Spending time with Lindsay at a 4th of July BBQ and floating on the lake and meeting her friends

For as crazy as this country is, we do have so many rights and freedoms that I’ve realized I take for granted.

A family BBQ where I got to see my cousins and meet Angela’s beautiful daughter, Danica

IMG_0285 IMG_0288

Baby giggles

Everyone’s generosity and kindness in lending me cars, covering costs, letting me stay with them, paying for meals, rides to and from, etc… the love I’ve felt this last month is the best kind of overwhelming possible

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