Endless Gifts (32)

Free water with every meal out and lots of refills

Learning to poach an egg


A Bobbi Brown makeover with no pressure to buy anything and feeling flawless for an afternoon

Skype with JJ and the kiddos


My grandma letting me use her car for a few days

An interview with the Redmond Reporter and Pauline who coordinated it

Coffee break with Lollie

Froyo with Erika and her kids

Stunning skies because of the wildfires


The smell of Washington rain

My hurricane sister and Friday night selfies #itswhatwedo

IMG_0473 IMG_0439

And Wilson Philips sing a longs with the girls

 A morning spent with Gen that included a little retail treat, Panera and very good stories of redemption and transformation

Spending a couple hours at the zoo with the Foree girls and getting to see the penguins


 A last dinner for a couple years with my brother’s family and big hugs from my niece and nephews

Celebrating Jesse’s birthday with karaoke duets and a heart to heart


The sweet Vietnam veteran who shared his story with me on the bus and then gave me $5 for my fundraiser to “keep doing good.”

The amazing cookies made by The Baker’s Duo and all the other awesome products and tickets that people donated for the raffle


The generosity of individuals and willingness to give

Jeremy’s kind words of truth that I needed to hear

Getting to spend so much time with my Carrie


Last call skittles and Jack in the Box with Rob



That goodbyes don’t get any easier and that friendships only grow stronger

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