Endless Gifts (33)

A last Thai lunch with Katie Love

Random discovery of Hi-Chews in an Uber… oh an Uber in general is pretty fantastic

Two bags packed, weighed and ready to go

Beth at Raptim Travel who handled my rebookings and got everything sorted for me so I still would arrive in Amsterdam on time.


Finally getting to have a proper catch up with Leann

So many beautiful “See you laters” and words of affirmation “I love you and I’m proud of you”

New donors and members of my support team

A little Mercy Ships reunion with these lovelies and Ashley and Molly willing to travel to get to Lollie, Tegan and I!

IMG_0573 IMG_0688

Hilarious Yelp reviews and a morning hike with Molly and Ashley even if we were on the strugglebus trying to take a photo


Stunning views, even when overcast, the PNW really is an amazingly beautiful place!


A last Guinness float and fish tacos and getting to see Jeff, Carrie and Shelia one last time

Getting to introduce new friends to old friends and spending a last night out a J.Mikes with Mark, Jesse, Katie, Lollie, Ashley and Kylene

Mom and Dad getting up before the sun to take me to the airport and walking all the way to security with me

A sweet card from Carrie and bittersweet tears

Salmon cakes and fried eggs at Anthony’s… a perfect last Seattle breaky if I do say so myself


Boeing makes really good planes and even if the most of the flight is terrible and I want to cry multiple times, at least I know I’m safe

Window seat + empty middle seat = actually sleeping for a few hours

A clear day in Holland which afforded a lovely view from the plane as we arrived


A comfortable hotel bed and coffee with stroopwafels to help with the jet lag oh and 12 hours of sleep, yes that was delightful

A day of playing tourist, even if the morning started out in a rainy mess

IMG_0742 IMG_0825

Cheese tastings!

The Anne Frank house and how well it brings her story to life

Four days until I meet my favorite UK twins!


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