Endless Gifts (36)

Seeing Harmen waiting at the Tamatave airport after a long travel back to Mada


A travel buddy from London to Tamatave and one with printed documents which helped me actually get on my flight!

And Amy was able to send the documents I needed quickly

Familiar sites and food and pistachio ice cream

Dinner with the Advance team and hearing some of the Big Mighty moments from this year

Discovering a brunch spot and knowing that a lot of lovely  talks will take place at this table


Zebu steak … Oh happy taste buds

It might not have mountains and greenery every which way, it may hotter than hades by the time I’m done but I love being back to this running route


$0.50 coconut water

Rees Howell’s Intercessor and a fully stocked Kindle

Discovering my mini me…


Video and photos from my sister that help make the transition a bit easier

Cooking again, like proper meal planning, grocery shopping, prepping and all cooking… Brown butter pasta, coconut lime chicken…

Properly catching up with Andrea and having some much needed girl time

A sneak peak into transformations to come


Seeing Fara again… and other familiar faces that make it feel like home even without the ship

Waking up to birds chirping and sunshine coming through my window

Pretty flowers to brighten the team house


13 days until Liz Lemon and Sweet Dee take on Madagascar!!


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