Endless Gifts (42)

Seeing that Fitia, a plastics patient from last field service, is doing just fine and is full of smiles and brightness That I'm always refreshed after spending time with Shea As silly as it may sound, discovering Brooklyn Nine Nine and lots of laughs A packed cafe for AFM Trivia Night and Ivanna's energy as... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (41)

Monday morning phone call with Carrie A meaningful, and perfectly timed, compliment from an old friend Relevant magazine The women's health program has started and the first group of women came onboard and their songs in the hallway are one of the most lovely sounds in the world A perfectly encouraging quote to start my... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (40)

Katie clearing my dinner dishes so I could Skype with my sister And these adorable little faces I got to see for almost an hour 🙂 Monday Funday is back as is Monday Girl's Night...happy heart Oh and Late Night Lattes are back too and how it often ends up being about so much more... Continue Reading →

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