Endless Gifts (39)

Sneaky coffee with Dianna

Overwhelming love and sweet notes and gifts


Wendy’s here! Wendy’s here!


Getting back into my office and my many roles and remembering why I love them all

Seeing this year’s hospital staff walking around in scrubs again


Seeing the day crew arrive and then seeing them around the ship with their beautiful smiles and joy bubbling over


Finally getting settled back in my cabin

Wendy time and lots of laughs

Four nurses who organized three of my work spaces!

The HOPE Center is open

Sprinkles make an already good day even better


Three meals a day that are prepared for me… Even when I have to wait in line for what feels like forever, I am still lucky and thankful to have more than enough food

The housekeeping day crew are back which means there is some beautiful singing coming from the laundry room twice every day

Comfort food with the Cash’s


Sunday girls day at Victoria Beach and reminders of other great moments


Girls night with lots of laughs and an amazing group of women who make this place all that much more beautiful

The expectant buzz that happens every year just before the hospital opens

Coconut and market run with Wendy


Getting to play with the Wall kids for a few hours and some really great meals shared with them too

Leaders who pray boldly, stop to smell the brown sugar, make tough decisions and do it all with such a sense of peace and authenticity.

The hospital is open. The OR is ready. And I happened to walk by just when one of the first patients came on board with their excited and slightly nervous smile, and it was my joy to shake their hands and say welcome…. I truly am in love with this place and today is just the first in many wildly amazing days of powerful transformation.

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