Endless Gifts (41)

Monday morning phone call with Carrie

A meaningful, and perfectly timed, compliment from an old friend

Relevant magazine

The women’s health program has started and the first group of women came onboard and their songs in the hallway are one of the most lovely sounds in the world

A perfectly encouraging quote to start my Wednesday


Learning to make yogurt and a little fun whisking time with Patricia and Emily

A great new book about looking at business differently (and a really great quote) which is inspiring me in my little ship business world


When someone sees you and the little things you do, even if its not to be recognized, it still means something for someone to see it and to affirm it

Books from Anna that have traveled half way around the world to refresh my heart

Getting the girls all back together for one night… even if we couldn’t actually see Lollie


A clean, reorganized and sparkly cafe

When kind words get passed along instead of hurtful ones

Tom sharing how he’s seen God working already in Mada 2

OR renovations in a local hospital have started… just thinking about the impact of this makes me tear up… countless lives will be saved because of proper OR (follow my friend Ruben to see his photo updates #safesurgery)

12036482_10207525627439263_5188578574171760196_n 12039249_10207531424024174_8341765673710688027_n

Those nights that I really feel too tired and all I want is sleep but still go make Late Night Lattes, those nights are usually the nights where something a little extra special and beautiful happens and I am so thankful I didn’t give into my selfishness

The on-call OR staff that quickly responded to their early Saturday morning pages, the crew that prayed and nurses that cared for the patient who was rushed into emergency surgery at 5:30

That same patient is out of ICU, out of danger and back on the ward recovering

Words of truth


$45 for a weekend of celebrating a friend, being warmed by the sun, stargazing and laughing so hard we cried all just 15 minutes from the ship (oh and eating with tiny forks)

IMG_3033 IMG_3039 IMG_3030

A clean port and the Mercy Ship Tuk Tuk so I didn’t have to walk with my heavy bag in the blazing sun

The little baby I walked the hallways with has gained weight, has settled and mama smiles so big now that she’s finally rested after seven hard months

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  1. I love you and think of you often…Saw Jenny today..haven’t seen the kids yet. Soon I hope. I can hardly wait to see every on together. Just wish you could be there too. O well I know you will be thinking of all of us together. Take care and I love yo .Grandma

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