Endless Gifts (42)

Seeing that Fitia, a plastics patient from last field service, is doing just fine and is full of smiles and brightness

©2015 Mercy Ships - Photo Credit Deb Louden - Fitia (MGB16310) waits to be seen by the Mercy Ships healthcare team for Plastics Evaluation Day.
©2015 Mercy Ships – Photo Credit Deb Louden 

That I’m always refreshed after spending time with Shea

As silly as it may sound, discovering Brooklyn Nine Nine and lots of laughs

A packed cafe for AFM Trivia Night and Ivanna’s energy as she hosted


A brief chat with Lisa and getting to hear more of the unexpected beauty that is unfolding in her life

A chance to connect again with Roguy from Benin and his protectiveness as my brother, his friendship and hearing about his growing ministry as a church planter in Cotonou.

When Josh appeared in the middle of sneaky coffee with pumpkin scones


Feedback from my team about how I can be a better manager

City Prayer and the men and women who come each week to pray and fast for the city of Tamatave, especially for the women and children who are caught in the prostitution web

Serving hot chocolate with my team to the Academy students on their spirit day

IMG_3074 Hot Chocolate Hot chocolate 2

The Pier99 Keep Cups are ordered…and knowing that its the simple things that can make people smile and make life on a ship a little bit better.

The OBF clinic is up and running!


A special showing of A Brave Heart… truly an inspiration “All I know is how to get back up. I know when you are knocked down you just get back up.”

Unexpected beauty just off the main road


Making silly faces with a young patient while waiting to take drink order for Late Night Lattes

The sound of patients and caregivers singing on the wards… never gets old and never ceases to make me smile

Emma Cash making a list of everyone’s favorites, “mine are hearts and love.” #shipkids

Dinner with the Cash Crew and friendship that is easy and pleasant

Caitlin, a first friend from Guinea, is back for one month!

Conversations with Molly that are just perfect… laughter, Seattle sarcasm, and a lot of depth

That moment when I’m struck by just how amazing the people on this ship are… how many have given up so much… or those who have been in positions of great influence or leadership before coming to Mercy Ships … and how no matter what their role here now … they simply serve.

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