Endless Gifts (46)

A leader cleaning up a big spill even though he could've told someone else to take care of it The gastro bug that took out about 20% of the crew is pretty much over and the hospital is open to non-medical staff once again, which means... I can take my daily stroll through the hospital... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (45)

A life giving conversation while on a dock walk with Dianna Chai tea and Coffee Crisp from a friend across the world That Josh is so easy to work with when it comes to events and such and that Oretha makes some very nice treats... ... Like cookies for ice cream night 🙂 Positive feedback... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (44)

The Holland container arrived with my clothes and finally the test items for the Shop And a surprise gift of my favorites, Hi-Chews, from my mama Ivanna's story about the little plastics (burn) patient who's suffered so much and came in very cautious of anyone but is now starting to trust the Day Crew and... Continue Reading →

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