Endless Gifts (43)

A new frame from a sweet friend to put a cherished memory in


Thought provoking conversations that come out of nowhere and quickly go to that deeper level

A successful Partner’s Reception and visit from the Minister of Health and seeing so many people give up their afternoons to serve

Nate helping fix a sound issue even though he was on his way to something else

Actually, just how helpful everyone is here… its overwhelming sometimes how kind people can be

Celebrating Caitlin in Malagasy Mercy Ships style with sparklers and molten cake


That Eliphaz didn’t give up when he was told growing a banana tree would be impossible in Toulira… and how it became possible and changed a community. And hearing other stories from the Agriculture program about how the lessons taught are not only changing a family but communities and making an impact that will only grow with time

Honest conversations about my future and questions asked that cause me to examine my heart

Ten minute power meetings

After hours yogurt parties



That Katie’s office is just a few steps away and anytime I’m feeling defeated I can go and see her

That I am not defined by my job title, or by what I do whether it is a success or a failure

Honest feedback from crew so I can improve systems to actually meet their needs

The first dress ceremony at the OBF clinic and knowing that every other week we will be celebrating women who are made new!

That even if I couldn’t be there with my family I still got to enjoy the moment through photos and see my grandma’s face beam surrounded by all her great grandkids


When you finally get a win in your realm of concern

That is always someone ready to help me carry stuff up the gangway after a market run

Others who were brave enough to start the dancing with me and then dancing the night away with Edwina


The cultural melting pot I am privileged to live and play in

The reminder that self-control is difficult but I am doing better than I think

Kind words from out of the blue and sweet words of encouragment

My mama and the life she has lived and even if I can’t be there to celebrate I know she is being celebrated well 🙂


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  1. I am so glad you got the pictures of all of us. It was a very fun day. Very busy with that many little ones. Sam is so great. The girls were a little shy and I finally got to hold Hannah, Miriam was to shy to let me hold her. She is sure a Daddy’s girl..She just looked at me and got closer to Dad. It was so nice we could all be together. I got to watch them and be with the other grownups and talk…Pray for me this week as I am having some test done to see why I having trouble with my stomach. Love you and so proud of you….Grandma

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