Endless Gifts (45)

A life giving conversation while on a dock walk with Dianna

Chai tea and Coffee Crisp from a friend across the world


That Josh is so easy to work with when it comes to events and such and that Oretha makes some very nice treats…

… Like cookies for ice cream night 🙂

Positive feedback on the test items from Holland that Paul and I picked out


The Dental team saw their 1,000th patient of the field service already

And then hearing about their week away, how faithful God was to exceed their expectations when it came to their mobile clinic workspace, how many people they were able to help (216 patients and over 800 teeth pulled!) and to still see Robbie’s eyes twinkle when she talked about it all

The opportunity to spend a week focusing on thankfulness and loving others and the chance to try something new and to try to create a new tradition

The privilege to be around when a family got their kid’s report cards and before showing them their grades, their mama asking, “Did you do your best? Do you know that worth and value aren’t determined by your grades?” Its a gift to see children growing and being supported and reminded by their parents where their worth and value come from.

That moment when I realized I really should have asked someone to come and help set up for ice cream and Matt walking up just a second later and asking what he could do to help

Catrice’s help with making the thankful wall


Double stick tape which pretty much made that wall happen


The TK foundation and their continued support of our Technical crew… the amount of lives that have been changed because this foundation has covered the cost of their training is overwhelming, as someone said, “its not just one life that is different, its generations that will be different.”

And that our Technical crew had the chance to meet with some of the TK reps and share their stories

The plumbers who got the water back up and running late at night

That Mercy Ships is so much more than a just a hospital

That I get to live in community with women like Alice Maude, one of our faithful OR sterilizers, who are full to the brim with joy “When I was walking back to work [after working until 4:00am] I was so tired but then I saw a patient dancing down the hallway and was grateful.”

Stumbling upon beautiful words in unexpected places

image image

Yoga nights with April

Watching as people interact and participate with our thankful wall


A perfect turkey dinner, complete with real mashed potatoes and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert


Carmen’s passion to serve the crew with all excellence and joy

Tammy spending most of my Friday night shift chatting with me and keeping me company

“You are a good, good Father. It’s who you are. And I am loved by you. It’s who I am.”

Molly and Heather arranging a Harvest Party and getting to carve watermelons and other tropical fruits
IMG_3389 IMG_3392


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