Endless Gifts (46)

A leader cleaning up a big spill even though he could’ve told someone else to take care of it

The gastro bug that took out about 20% of the crew is pretty much over and the hospital is open to non-medical staff once again, which means…

I can take my daily stroll through the hospital hallway and be reminded of why I am here.

Coming back from Late Night Lattes to find this yummy treat


Kind words from a quiet crew member

Tabitha creating a space for us to thank God for his love for us and how much he has done

This incredible video

The little unnoticed things that people in our community do that enrich the lives of others, like helping people get their GEDs, learn how to swim or help navigate the visa process

If I have to be part of cyclone drill at least its with this bunch of awesome people


Chaplaincy’s gracious offer to let me take a Thursday Community Meeting and the freedom and space to run it as my heart was lead

Harry, Serge, Martha, Stephanie, Missy, Scott, Katie and Robin who were all willing to share their thankful stories

Susan’s prayer for our 16 National Offices and a tangible reminder of them


A special offering for To Write Love on Her Arms

When songs of praise blend together English, Kiro and Malagasy and how lovely diversity really is

That Friendsgiving, though simple, was a great first run for a new tradition on the ship

Blue Friday with fellow Seattlites and Hawks fans


Sitting on the floor of D Ward and playing with a kid late at night while the nurses handover. No better way to end a day.

The chance to shower Esther, a beautiful and bright bride to be, with lots of surprises, love and laughs


Introducing an American traditional bridal shower game, Toilet Paper Brides, to six different nationalities… yet again I love this diverse little ship family and the shared experiences we have


The generosity of this ship family to bless Laurin and Esther and seeing Esther speechless for the first time ever… yeah love can do that 😉 (and for you curious folks, we all put a little into fund for them to use for their honeymoon)


Time spent with Andrea because even if she travels often and may be quite busy while here, its like no time has passed when do grab a coca and a fanta

That moment one year ago when the ship arrived into Tamatave!


April’s help with getting the Gallery wall set up

The Pier 99 Keep Cups are in the Texas warehouse… one step closer to creating a brand for the Sales Department!


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