Endless Gifts (47)

Torrential rain on a morning when I really didn’t want to run

Surprise eggs and bacon for Monday breakfast!

Watching as a VVF patient was wheeled out of the OR and back to B Ward, watching as she sleeplily smiled and then I couldn’t help by smile because just hours before she was a marginalized woman but is now a woman with a future

The talented artists in our community and creating a space for it to be displayed


A shopping buddy on an adventure to the antique shop for the frames

A yummy treat and a very sweet note


Finding a mini Christmas tree with ornaments in the boutique

Getting a Save the Date for Jesse and Katie’s wedding in the mail!

That sometimes, delicious things happen, when you’re honest enough to tell someone you are putting yourself in a time out because you are having a hormanally challenged day


Getting to share my coffee knowledge and teach new friends the art of espresso


The little toddler at the HOPE Center who ran to me with arms wide and reckless joy and a sweet little squeal as I scooped him up

Finally getting to help with the dental screening

That I’ve never had to wait in a line to get a dentist appointment


A friend’s heart to keep serving well even when that means making a difficult decision about the future

My little friend, Harrry, “Can I give you a hug” He didn’t even know I was having a “meh” day

Container Day and my first Christmas present has arrived! And a friend who will keep it for me so I’m sure to open it on Christmas


Even though sometimes I feel removed from the patients and our primary mission I know that I am helping to create a space where our community can breathe and relax and enjoy this crazy life

Working with Carol in Staff Development to help mentor and pass on some of my skill set and help open doors

An early birthday celebration with April with $10 massages and my favorite dessert at my favorite beach restaurant


Sugar scrub Sunday

A last bowl of sprinkles with ice cream with April


Late Night Latte giggles on E Ward as kids are stalling to go to bed

That kids are kids no matter where in the world they are and the bedtime struggle is the same on the AFM as it is with my nephew in Scotland … we are all so very similar

Hearing the story of a patient who’s husband was somewhere in town but they couldn’t get a hold of him when they really needed to. Then Clementine, our hospital Chaplain, prayed the phone would actually ring this time. And it did. And then she prayed someone would pick up. And they did. And before you know it the husband is back by his wife’s side the night before a very big surgery… now that is a goosebump moment.

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