Endless Gifts (48)

Sierra Leone is Ebola free!

David Forrest’s morning encouragement and prayer for April and I and even clearing our breakfast dishes

Men in our community who model humility and obedience even when its difficult and means apologizing

This sign on the door to E Ward and the inspiration it was for me to make my own confetti and throw it around on Katrina’s night shift… and then she passed it on to the next shift 🙂


Marina and Dianna saving the day on Tuesday morning and serving in the cafe for an hour

The Chicken Farm and Other Sacred Places

A new Katie (fondly referred to as Katie 2.0) to run with while Katie is on holiday for three weeks

5:30am really isn’t the worst time to go running… and it really is way cooler!

New pajamas from ma sister and notes from my nephews… a very good mail and container day indeed!

IMG_3717 IMG_3730

A surgery where the outcome was uncertain turned out to be a very long but successful day in the OR

Watching as Sam, Miriam and Hannah show me their unique interpretations of an airplane


Celebrating Dianna Day and a friend who makes this place, and my life, so much brighter

Art that tells a story and the opportunity to showcase our local artists from around the world


April’s friendship over the last year and one last Calypso meal with her complete with a new blurry memory made as we try to get one last photo


And even if I am super sad to say goodbye to a sweet friend, I know I’ll see her again and Rachel is almost back!


Women in this community who’s hearts inspire me 

Breakfast at 501 with Amy and the privilege to hear her how her heart breaking for a young woman with a fresh fistula led to a young woman not only having her life saved but her future redefined


Gigi’s encouragement and kind words, and her authenticity and beautiful heart

A much needed weekend away with five lovely women, good conversations, good laughs, good tans and an amazing villa to relax in


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